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Attend a writing workshop in the Rocky Mt. Region of Colorado to improve your writing skills while relaxing in a mountainside retreat, with endless sunshine and deep-blue skies, breathing in fresh mountain air, and enjoying home-cooked meals. Be nurtured with warm, professional tutoring on how to get your book or "life stories" started or refined, or experiment with short stories. In addition to learning classic writing or journaling techniques, your own area of interest can be emphasized because the number of students is restricted to "one to four" people. Many classes are especially designed for women writers.

Creative Writing
including novels and short-stories

Life Stories
including self-help and journalism
and more

Generally, the best writing comes from the heart. Whether it is fiction, memoirs or non-fiction. Stories from your life provide a wealth of material to begin the journey with. There is only one you. When you're gone, that library of information is lost to the world. This class will guide you on how to draw on your life experiences and develop your writing talents.

The writing workshop is taught by award-winning journalist and author Kathleen Spring. She will facilitate you in tapping your deepest writing talents. Learn how to break writer's blocks, how to make your writings more memorable, how to go under the surface in developing stories. Learn ways to look at your work and your life as a writer from a completely fresh perspective. Lessons are given and discussions take place three times daily. The intense weekend in the Rocky Mts. provides prime opportunities to acknowledge the writer in you, and to expand in a safe environment.

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Began Retreats 1998

Nature's Writing Sanctuary. The workshops take place in a Rocky Mt. mountainside retreat, and are interspersed with walks in the woods, meditating under towering Ponderosa pines, inspecting wild flowers and spying on wildlife. Fresh foods are served and lovingly home cooked. Your focus will be on yourself and your writing. As you relax with your meal or writings, you'll experience fresh summer breezes and some of Colorado's 320 days of sunshine. The Rocky Mts. offer day times with brilliant deep blue skies and evenings of remarkable crystal clear star-gazing (more than you've probably ever seen before!)

These photos represent wonderful views from the back and front yard.




Creative Writing and Journaling Retreat Closed Due to Flood Damage
Our Newsletter is Suspended
Workshops Suspended including writing, journaling and wellness
See our Facebook Page for Tips, Links, "world writing news" and more

Director Kathleen Spring continues to offer her services:
writer, photographer, journalist, teacher. Visit "Author's Page"


Writing Schedule:
Birthing of Creative Writing, and
Capturing Random Memories

Each month during the summer, we offer one creative writing (fiction and non-fiction) and one journaling workshop (including life stories: memoirs, and biographies). -Or- you can attend our 4-day Wellness Holistic Weekends, which include less intense journaling.

Participants can extend their visit (at a nominal additional cost) to explore the Rocky Mt. National Park area and take advantage of: horseback riding, fly-fishing, hiking, biking and endless sunshine pleasures.

Other small, personalized writing workshops take place in off-season in order to keep the prices down. But our retreats take place in prime-time summer months, when most people take their vacations, and yet at very reasonable prices! This is especially appealing to teachers who have the time off, and to people who enjoy hiking the woods and mountains during the warmer summer months.

You will be writing every day, all day, along with receiving instructions, critiquing and discussions.

We offer two new workshops each year. Subscribe to our Newsletter to keep up to date with our offerings.

"Writers are lucky. Whatever the mood, no matter the longing,
the writer can use his words to connect himself
to any world he wishes to visit." — Alan Zweibel

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"I appreciated the sensitive way the lessons were taught;
and, Kathleen's peaceful personality and
boundless knowledge about so many subjects."
– Sherrell Huff, May '01

"Even though I panicked and didn't think I could do it,
the assignments given proved to be a wonderful thing on many levels:
.......opportunity to put into practice the new things I was learning
........instant feedback with suggestions on things I might want to try
.........self-confidence....... "
– Mitzi McMahan, June '00

"She opens and stretches the mind into ideas one didn't know existed."
– Darlene Byers, February '99

"I enjoyed the exercises outside. The views were awesome." – Rita Smith '08

"I have been enlightened on how to work with fiction.
You have triggered something in me that has brought
an additional style to my poetry." – Fran Sher, October '98

"I loved the personal aspect about the retreat.
In the past, my hearing impairment made it difficult to work in large groups."
– Jim Swanson. '02

"Not only did you open my imagination to new ways of perceiving things,
but you also reminded me of some of the basic rules of writing,
that are often times the first we forget. I had an absolutely
wonderful time and have never been so excited to stick with my writing.
Thank you for your encouragement!"

Heather Dean, September '04

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    Spring Time Writers Director Kathleen Spring offers her services to the public:
    writer, photographer, journalist, teacher.
    Visit "Author's Page" to view samples of Instructive Writing, Historic Books, and documentary videos.
    Emphasis on profiles, history, special events coverage. Visit "Author's Page"



    As seen in articles in the "N Y Times Travel Section." "Adult Camps" article -and- "Travel and Leisure" magazine "Writer's Retreats" article highlighting 3 distinquished unique writing retreats; and in "Journaling" magazine, highlighting our "nature" retreat.

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