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What is Channelling?

Get a definition of what is Channelling (go to the bottom of this page for a lengthy article and check list on how you can tell if the channelling is done by a credible person and for pure intent.)


The Sacred Journey: You and Your Higher Self (English) by Lazaris

Book Description
On the Spiritual Journey Home to God/Goddess/All That Is, there is the sense that we are somehow bigger than we know -- that somewhere there is another part of us that is there to guide us, to help us, to love us. The search for the Higher Self is an integral part of the joyous Journey Home: For the Higher Self, in its immense love, power, and vulnerability, is an invaluable friend and guide. In this landmark book of the New Spirituality, Lazaris takes us through steps of preparation, and to the end of the journey, where we touch and begin to know our Higher Self in a series of three meditations that many have called the most beautiful they have ever known.
(Available in English and Spanish) and Tapes

From the Publisher
Since 1974, Lazaris has channeled through Jach Pursel, his only channel, offering his friendship and love, and generating a remarkable body of tools, techniques, processes and pathways for our Spiritual Journey Home to God/Goddess/All That Is.

He has touched thousands in his extraordinary workshops, and tens of thousands more with the books, video tapes and audio tapes that many have said are the finest tools of metaphysics and spirituality available.

We invite you to explore the Love, the...

From the Author
We are here to remind you that pain and fear are not the only methods of growth, that you can more elegantly grow through joy and love ... that you do create your own reality ... that there is a God/Goddess/All That Is who loves you, who knows your name ... and that you love - you love 'good enough'. ... For as long as there is light we shall love you.

Handling Crises to Maximize Personal Success by Lazaris (Audio Cassette - January 1999) Our Price: $24.95

The Sacred Journey: You and Your Higher Self (English) by Lazaris (Paperback - December 1987) 5 star; Our Price: $14.95

Self-Confidence / Self-Awareness by Lazaris (Audio Cassette - June 1984) Our Price: $29.95

Go to the Lazaris web site and get on their mailing list. Many full text lectures, and a discussion group.


"Pay attention, come to me, listen and you will live, I shall make an everlasting covenant with you in fulfillment of the favors promised to David... so it is with the word that goes from my mouth: it will not return to me unfulfilled or before having caried out my good pleasure and having achieved what it was sent to do." --Isaiah 55:3, 11


Maitreya is a senior member of the Hierarchy of the Masters of Wisdom. His name, well-known in esoteric circles, has not yet been revealed for various reasons. Benjamin Creme is in telepathic contact with this Master who dictated these articles to him. These article were copied from the files of Share International, a non-profit, non-denominational organization which publishes a new article each month in Share International magazine.

practice honesty of mind, sincerity of spirit and detachment,
To follow another means to copy, imitate or identify with another, forgetting your real Self

If you follow others instead of being yourself, you lose your sparkle; you cannot reflect the light of individuality. Without that light, there is no progress in life. Similarly, when you experience the Self within and come to know you are an immortal entity, completely separate from mind, spirit and body, you learn to use these temples of the Lord creatively, with awareness. Processes of healing follow automatically.

Inner space----meditation:
*Maitreya teaches* that everyone needs their 'inner space', where there is no direction, no one telling you where to go and what to do. No one can lead you. You are born to be aware of yourself, to know the Master in yourself. Your inner space is sacred. It is where all things, all problems, dissolve. It is where you go when you tell others that you are tired and frightened and 'fed up', when you want to be left alone to find your own space.

*According to Maitreya*: "You have been given that space so that the confusion and chaos around you will dissolve. You must never surrender that space to anyone, except your true Self. Meditation is really a journey back to that space to find peace and happiness." (From: *Maitreya's Mission Volume Two*)

Go to the web site:

Maitreya's Mission (Volume 1 - 2 - 3)
by Benjamin Creme. Paperback (September 20, 1993 - l997)
Our Price:$13.00 first two/each

Messages from Maitreya the Christ
by Benjamin Creme. Paperback (March 1992)
Our Price:$9.00

Anagatavamsa Desana; the Sermon of the Chronicle-to-Be by Udaya Meddegama(Translator), John Clifford Holt (Editor). Hardcover (December 1993) Our Price:$12.50

Buddha Nature by Kon-Sprul Blo-Gros-Mtha-Yas(Editor), et al. Hardcover (August 15, 2000). Our Price:$24.46---On Order

"The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light; on the inhabitants of a country in shadow dark as death, light has blazed forth..." --Isaiah 9:1, 5

Sanaya Roman (DaBen and Orin)

All 5 star rated on Amazon
Book Description
In Living with Joy, Orin teaches how to express the inner qualities of love, joy, well-being, and inner peace. You will see immediate results in your life when you use the processes to learn how to radiate love, increase your feelings of self-esteem, and live in harmony with your higher purpose. Living with Joy will help you open your heart, create what you want without struggle, discover your life purpose, take a quantum leap in any area, change negatives into positives, gain clarity in your...

From the Publisher
To our readers: The books we publish are our contribution to an emerging world based on cooperation rather than on competition, on affirmation of the human spirit rather than on self-doubt, and on the certainty that all humanity is connected. Our goal is to touch as many lives as possible with a message of hope for a better world. - Hal and Linda Kramer, Publishers

Creating Money : Keys to Abundance by Sanaya Roman, Duane Packer (Contributor) (Paperback - June 1988) Our Price: $10.36
Living With Joy : Keys to Personal Power and Spiritual Transformation (Earth Life Series, Book I) by Sanaya Roman (Paperback - July 1986) Our Price: $10.36
Opening to Channel : How to Connect With Your Guide by Sanaya Roman, Duane Packer (Paperback - April 1987) Our Price: $10.36
"Our Price: Amazon"

Editorial Reviews Body Mind Spirit magazine, October 1989 The Earth Life Series is a trilogy of books that I must confess I did not read in their proper order. I didn't discover the series until I received the proof copy of Spiritual Growth, the last book in the series, and read it from cover to cover. Unlike some channels whose messages seem to need hours of decoding, Orin's language is crystal clear. For an example, see page 32 of the March/April 1989 issue of Body MindSpirit.

I then went on to read the first two books in the series, Living with Joy and Personal Power Through Awareness. Surprisingly there is no duplication of information. Orin's ideas remain clear, concise and eminently practical. An astonishing array of life situations are exposed and opened to light with a compassionate understanding of the human condition. Orin's suggestions are laced with examples and stories that help the reader see how they work. Each chapter is followed by worksheets and meditations so the lessons can be immediately put into practice.

The meditations help to open pathways for the teachings to be absorbed. The teachings, in turn, augment the meditation experience so together they work to bring about change.

I found that the writing always seemed new, which to me, is a sure sign of spiritual depth. When I reread sections weeks later they seemed quite different. Of course, they were the same; it was I who had changed. Some teachings that had seemed difficult were now obvious and I realized how powerful many of the exercises had been. It is not that the information was new, only that it had been presented with a simplicity that allowed it to be grasped at many different levels.

It is this very simplicity combined with unerring guidance to the highest good that make the Earth Life Series a powerful light along whichever path of growth you choose.

Go to their web site:
Sanaya Roman Orin Duane Packer DaBen Channeling Thaddeus' Music LuminEssence Guided MeditationTapes About LuminEssence Goals and Visions Feel free to email this article to a friend. Explore, receive your personal daily affirmation, and read our current and past newsletter articles. Browse through our book.

Daily Meditations.
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Love: Wisdom of the Heart:

Other Links for Healing or Understanding

The Harmonic Concordance. 11/8/03

Like its spiritual ancestor, the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, The Harmonic Concordance of 2003 also is a call to the Spirit of Humankind to awaken to the idea that we are, in fact, Spiritual beings sharing a physical experience.

LINKS: For more details in easy to understand language, go to our page "Harmony in the Heart."

Page two has excerpts from and links to various channels speaking about the New Energy on Earth as of 2003, and the positive changes that are coming. (including no more Apocalypse). From Hopi Indians to spiritual entities on the "other side of the veil."

Other Recommended Books: See our other general self-help and/or spiritual recommended books .

Circle of Healing Light Prayer: The Circle-of-Healing-Light is a group of caring healers and good-hearted individuals who have banded together in unity to offer healing thoughts and energies to all who seek help. If you are in need of a prayer or have a healing request for yourself or a loved one, please type out your request below -- Go to: Circle of Light. *Note, this is an "" web page. If this link doesn't work, just type into THEIR search box "circle of light".

Quantum Physics and Spirituality: For a page of "reference links" to more scientific, theoretical, thoughtprovoking and exploration of human consciousness, and bridging the gap between spirituality and quantum physics, see Moment Point's web site

Ecological Web Sites: If you are concerned about the condition of Mother Earth, or what seems to be increased number of earthquakes, of the ecological imbalances in habitats across the world, of animals dying off, etc. then check out this page full of links to information on these subjects: Starsuriel Earth Index

Sacred Sites: Are you interested in learning more about places on Earth that contain high amounts of energy, are vortex's, have spiritual significance and more? Then check out this site; it will take you around the world, and perhaps in your state's backyard! Join Tyberonn as he explores Sacred Sites he terms as 'Hotspots' on the New Planet Earth. Tyberonn is an EarthKeeper and Visionary. Regular articles will include discussions of Telluric Energies, The Global Grids, Portals, Vortexes, Leylines and all the wonderful features of Gaia, the Living Earth.

Human Angel: If these words ring a bell in your heart, then you should look into the many web sites that combine "angels" with "lightbody work." There is an awakening going on now, and a calling to help in the birthing of a New Earth. Most of these sites have channeled messages from the Archangels. These include: Crimson Circle, Lightworker, and StarQuest.

World Day of Prayer: Thursday September 11 Submit a prayer request online at

Moment of Also: they ask you to sign the BOOK OF PEACE to help form a proactive force for peace in the world.

The Gentle Art of Blessing: An article about unconditional, unrestricted blessings and wishes for good for others and events. "It is impossible to bless and to judge at the same time." (

Global Peace Campaign: A Global Interfaith Prayer Vigil for peace. Daily Attunement for Peace at 8:45 am New York time. Seed thought: "May Peace Prevail on Earth"

Carter Peace Program: Peace is more than the absence of conflict. It encompasses democratic ideals and protection of human rights. The Carter Center's neutrality and reputation gives the Peace Programs the credibility needed to work nationally, regionally, and globally. (

Drum Circles: Yahoo has groups for drum circles that are sorted by region or state. For Colorado, go to:

Imagine (John Lennon)
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Mandala of Padmapani
Mandala of Padmapani
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