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Attend a workshop in the Rocky Mt. Region to improve your writing skills while relaxing in a mountainside retreat, with endless sunshine and deep-blue skies, breathing in fresh mountain air, and enjoying fresh foods. Be nurtured with warm, professional tutoring on how to get your book or memoirs started or refined, or write short stories and essays. Classes restricted to only one to four people to enable private attention. Many workshops are especially designed for women.

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  • COLORADO WEATHER. In general, we are 10 degrees cooler than Denver., and 5 degrees warmer than Estes Park. The humidity is very low year-round. There are 300 days of sunshine a year.

    2009 Winner of Society of Professional Journalist Awards
    Region IV covering four SW states

    Second Place for Best Photo Essay (5 photos)

    Second Place for Best (weekly) Personal Columns

    2007 Winner of Colorado Press Women's
    Communications Awards for

    Photo Essays (three awards);
    Feature story in a specialized publication (magazine);
    Personality profiles;
    Business articles;
    and Headline Caption Writing

    In the past, Kathleen Spring has also won journalism awards for her
    non-fiction writing writing instruction book,
    as well as for her "Specialized Column--Advice"
    ("Health & Wellness") and "Historic" articles.

    Testimonials: See each workshop page for individual Testimonials for: Writing Instructor, Journaling or Wellness.

    Room arrangement: Guests are offered a family atmosphere, with the anticipated result being a safe place where writers can bring themselves to their full potential. This means trust, caring, bonding, sharing and respect of each other. This entails no smoking, drinking, etc.

    Chose from a private room with two single-size (twin) beds or upgrade to a private room with a double-size (full) bed (see reservation form for prices). If you share a room (with two single beds) with another person and take the same workshop, you will get the discounted rate.

    Guests share two bathrooms, one with a full bath. Private entrance. Three decks, stone patio and numerous areas to relax on or hideaway and write or meditate. Views of the mountains and nature are wonderful. Each room is themed:
    ==Majesty and Mystery of Africa and Egypt (twin/single beds) ==For the love of Cowboys and Indians (double/full size bed).

    Cost: The various writing workshops have a different price than the wellness retreat. The workshops include all meals; and the retreats include a full breakfast plus four treatments. Meals are fresh, nutritious, home-made; and lodging is clean and comfy with interesting decor.

    Please go to each workshop page to see the fees. You can first go to the page which lists the various workshops: Workshops and chose the one you want to see more details about.

    Deposits and Refunds: A $50 deposit for 4-day retreats, and a $100 deposit for 8-day retreats required upon reservation. Balance due 30 days before Workshop date. In some cases, a person can attend a workshop within that 30 day period, but will have to pay cash, since we won't have time to clear their check.

    Full deposit refunded, less processing fee of $25 for 4-day workshops, if cancellation received in writing 30 days before workshop. Within 30 days of workshop, no refund unless a full replacement is found, less $25 processing fees; or, if the student switches their date to a mutually agreeable alternate date in the same year (or within 12 months by permission of the Director), then there is a $50 cancellation fee, and the cost of the workshop will be carried forward to the new date (one change only allowed).

    There is a 30 day waiting period for checks to clear before a refund can be issued. Personal checks only accepted. Workshops longer than 4 days have separate rules.

    Extended Stay Discount: You may be interested in adding some "vacation days" to your visit to the Rocky Mts. Extend your stay to seven days and pay a discounted day rate. This offer depends on the availability of rooms and workshops in session. Also, there is generally a limit of 7 days per person, per visit.

    fly Transportation:
    Airport: The Denver International Airport is 1-1/2 hr. away (this IS a retreat!) The new toll road can cut down the driving time to one hour for fast drivers.

    Shuttle: Estes Park/Airport shuttle bus to retreat is currently $85RT (subject to change). Note, for writing retreats, the shuttle bus is suggested, as you will be attending the workshop for the full weekend. Many people take walks here and never leave the area to sightsee further.

    Click here for Airport Shuttle Schedule
    It is highly recommended that you reserve a spot on the van, before you confirm your airline reservation, as there is only one to our area, and it has limited capabilities.

    Private Car: A car would be needed only if you plan to spend additional time vacationing in Colorado. Or, drive your own car. We will provide you with maps, for your convenience. If you forget your map, you can check at the Lyons Tourist Office (9am to 5pm, summer only) and you can call us from there. Mention our director, Kathleen Spring.

    college creditCredit: Some classes may be eligible for college or work or IRS credit. Please check with your accountant or personnel office.

    Rocky Mt. National Park Click here to get more information on the Park. Go to bottom of page.

    Packing List/Health Guides: You will be given a detailed list of suggested packing tips, typical weather, etc. upon confirmation of your workshop, plus map(s).
    wild animalsTake into consideration any allergies you may have. Let us know about food allergies. Don't forget there are pets and wild animals in the area. Those with pre-existing health problems of obesity, lung disease, and congentive heart problems are more likely to notice the altitude impact in their health. (Note, we have a cat and stairs. An additional charge will be added if you cannot stay at our Retreat, and other accommodations are provided.)

    NOTE: your cell phones will NOT work in the mountains! and some GPS devices, especially those in cell phones.

    Get Form Click here for mail-in RESERVATION form.

    Essential Books:

    essential booksMore newspapers use The Associated Press Stylebook than any other in the world. It includes invaluable resources for journalists, as well as researchers, scholars, students and editors.

    The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr.
    Asserting that one must first know the rules to break them, this classic reference book is a must-have for any student and conscientious writer.

    Book for Writers: "Writers Birthing Creative Writing and Capturing Random Memories" --order a copy of our latest book full of writing tips and sample short stories. Only $11.95 plus $2 postage.

    Past Recommended Books. For more information on other books we have recommended in the past two years, including "lifestyle," "spiritual" and "health"click here .


    The Society of Professional Journalists

    ADVOCACY Directors awarded a $5,000 Legal Defense Fund Grant (2007) to support a pilot program designed to convince the Indiana State Supreme Court to allow cameras and recording devices in trial courtrooms. Indiana is one of 13 states that has not permitted cameras in the trial courts. Directors also agreed to spend up to $10,000 from the Legal Defense Fund to draft model legislation that could be introduced to state legislatures next year. The goal is to convince as many state legislatures as possible to create laws that prevent the censorship of college-student media.

    ADVOCACY, TAKE 2 SPJ plans to launch a Legal Advocacy Network this fall, which will provide legal information, help reporters get legal help and promote collaboration between the journalism and media-law communities. Learn more at www.spj.org/lan.asp. Know a lawyer who may be interested? Please contact Legal Advocacy Network Coordinator Joe Wessels at joe@joewessels.net.

    OUTREACH Directors established SPJ's first special-interest "section." Sections are based on topics that apply to all journalists, and they provide special opportunities for SPJ members to interact further with the organization. Sections will provide tips, training, mentoring and related discussion online. SPJ's first section will focus in part on Arab culture, news and issues of concern to Arab journalists. Watch for more details.

    SPJ.org is filled with useful information for all journalists.

    Women in Journalism Exhibit

    In celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the National Federation of Press Women (NFPW), the National Women’s History Museum (NWHM), launched Women with a Deadline: Female Printers, Publishers and Journalists from the Colonial Period to World War I, an online exhibit honoring women’s contributions to the printed word. The online exhibit can be viewed at www.nwhm.org.

    The cyber exhibit is a result of a nine-month collaboration to celebrate women’s roles, as well as the 70th Year of NFPW. Noted women’s historian and NWHM Vice President for Programs, Doris Weatherford, was the curator for Women With a Deadline. Weatherford has authored and published books on women’s history for the last 20 years.

    According to NWHM President Joan Wages, the history of the American press is linked on many levels to the history of American women. From the very first printer in the New World , Elizabeth Glover, to Mary Katherine Goddard, the first to publish the names of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, women played an important part in the press in Colonial times.

    Letter Writing Will Never Die

    There is nothing like holding the letter of a loved one, whether it is your son off to war, your husband away at a job, your daughter at college, or your neighbor in the nursing home. You can read it over and over, and the scrawl of their pen is a part of them in your hands. Read detailed examples of people's attitudes about receiveing (or sending) a letter or note, or thank you to someone (and check out the "comments" at the bottom o the article):

    Excerpt: E-mail is quick. Texting is convenient. Facebook has photos, videos and games....."The letters are a way for him to express his thoughts and feelings on something I can touch and feel and smell, since I can't do any of those things while we are apart.".....Letters were important for Mike and Bobbi Stouffer's relationship, too, even though they weren't living across the world from each other. The couple have been together for 20 years, and they still leave notes for each other almost every day in their Wausau, Wisconsin, home......"My dad, while he shows me everyday how much he loves me, hardly ever expresses it with words," says Garces. "For some reason it makes my parents uncomfortable to express with words how they feel for us, and think that actions are enough.....Christman visited as often as she could, but hadn't seen her grandmother for about two months when she received the news about her passing. After the service, Christman, along with each of the other children and grandchildren, was handed a white envelope......."E-mail can never replace the excitement and thrill of receiving and opening a personal letter from the White House," Tukel says. "The hard card stock, and the thick, embossed paper -- it just feels presidential. E-mail just doesn't have the same effect." http://www.cnn.com/2010/LIVING/05/27/letters.irpt/index.html?hpt=Mid (Note, this article is copyright)

    For Writers and Women: Web Sites, Web Rings, Links

    Women-related Web Site Links:

    Oxygen: It emphasizes it's "women's" tv channel (including full listings); plus, some other infomation. http://www.oxygen.com

    FEMINA(GRRLS): "Femina is the leading searchable directory of links to websites for, by and about women including business, education, entertainment, health, motherhood, recreation and politics." The "search" button may take a long time as there are lots of files to search; you may also type in their url for their home page: http://femina.cybergrrl.com.

    i-village: Also, check out http://www.ivillage.com/ Many consider this the premium women-related information and chat site. They have several different newsletters you can subscribe to.

    A Celebration of Women Writers: Its purpose is to recognize the contributions of women writers throughout history in every form of writing. It attempts to provide easy access to available on-line information and a comprehensive listing of links to biographical and bibliographical information about women writers, and complete published books written by women (yes, full on-line books). http://digital.library.upenn.edu/women/celebration.html

    She Knows: http://www.sheknows.com/ "There's a wealth of information out there... but how much of it is for YOU? SheKnows.com is an ever-growing informational, educational, inspirational resource for or by women on the web. Come explore!" Includes recipes, pregnancy tips, relationships, money matters, and more.

    WWWomen Directory: http://www.wwwomen.com/ "We only list sites that have women's content (i.e. the topic or focus of your site is exclusively or primarily for/about women). Breast cancer is one example, women's golf is another example. We do not list general interest topics that may be of interest to women (i.e. shoes). Exceptions: we do list sites IF it is a for-profit business 51% owned by a woman or women."

    Women Writing the West: http//:www.womenwritingthewest.org This is not necessarily western-style books (like cowgirls) but includes all women writers in the West USA who are writing about the west, including during modern times.

    We are a Member of:

    Self Improvement from SelfGrowth.com
    SelfGrowth.com is the most complete guide to
    information about Self Improvement on the Internet.


    SPAN: organization for small book-publishers.

    Society of Professional Journalists
    An organization that promote integrity and the Freedom of Information Act.

    "Neither man nor woman
    is ever quite the same again
    after the experience of a book
    that enters deeply into life..."
    Henry Seidel Canby

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